Sunday, 16 November 2014

Team Dogz X-Gen Petrol Rainbow Flexi Brake

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The Team Dogz X-Gen Flex Brake is a stylish addition to any Scooter. Simply screw this metal brake on to the rear of your scooter with the bolts provided and you will be braking in style.

The distance between the centre of the front and rear 2 drill holes 15mm they are inline rather than side by side. You only need to make use of the one fixing hole.

The holes on the left and right sides are also 15mm apart should this suit your scooter instead of the front and rear inline holes.
  • Neo chrome Rainbow
  • Stylish Flex Brake
  • Compatible with all Stunt Scooters
  • Screws and Nuts Included
  • Anti-rattle damper

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