Thursday, 24 December 2015

So Doing this! - SEGWAY TAG! (Self Balancing Scooter)

So going to get together in the office car park and do this when we are back after Christmas, great fun! be sure to send us your videos you you and your friends having fun on your balance boards this Christmas!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Where to Buy CE Approved Hover Boards (AKA Balance Boards / Segway)

With stories like this one from ITV entitled "Don't buy hoverboards over explosion risk, senior fire officer warns" and this one from The Guardian with a headline of "Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk" you would be forgiven for feeling a bit apprehensive about purchasing this years "MUST HAVE GIFT"

We want you to buy with confidence knowing that you aren't putting your home and family at unnecessary risk.  Our boards have all of the CE approval certificates required for the UK which you can view here.  We have certificates for all of the required components of the Trooper-X, versions 1 and 2 including the charger and the battery

So GO AHEAD - BUY that Balance Board your Child asked for!